Meet Amanda Stout, DMEHA Spring 2017 Intern!

ByAmanda Stout

Meet Amanda Stout, DMEHA Spring 2017 Intern!

Amanda joins us this spring as our new marketing intern with DMEHA. She is a senior at the University of Iowa studying Music, Arts Management, and Graphic Design. Amanda is from Washington, a small town in southeast Iowa. Besides her love for art and music, Amanda loves learning more about history and culture, which she would love to delve into through this internship by learning more about European culture. Amanda has worked at a few museums through internships including the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the National Czech and Slovak Museum in Cedar Rapids. One of her favorite groups she is involved in at the University of Iowa is her klezmer band called Papshoy Klezmer Orchestra, which typically plays standard Klezmer and Euro-Jewish tunes. In her free time, she enjoys arranging and recording music, reading, and wood burning.

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